Google Photos – best photo management tool out there (and works on your iPhone too)


google photos
Google Photos. (for all major platforms)
I have been nothing but impressed with Google’s Photos app/service –

Unlimited (yes unlimited) storage of images upto 16mb per pic (but you can go premium if you need to store those too), but this size stores all of your iPhone photos with absolutely no issues as is.

Now on the the cool stuff –

  • Auto metadata tagging – search for cars, parties, concerts, locations, even smiles and it’s found by Google’s big data super  algorithms – very friggin cool.
  • Easy navigation – gracefully glide thought your lifetime of uploaded photos, and skim through by date 
  • Great grouping my similar faces, locations and common themes 
  • Auto generated ‘creations’ including animations, panoramas, stories (Great! generated stories based on pictures from a common moment)

And best of all, you have to do… NOTHING! It does all of the automagically and as for the creations, you can save them to your (free) storage or dismiss them and poof, gone –

The most intelligent and simple photo management and tool I have come across. 

And as I mentioned, works great on the web, and all major mobile platforms.

There is even a tool to help upload all of you photos from your mobile, PC or Mac.

Check it out:

You will be glad you did. 


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