“Best smartphone out there, period.” Reviews are in for the iPhone 6s & 6s+

The tech pundits have spoken – the next version of the iPhone (6s & 6s+) are fantastic.

The Verge: “This is one of those potentially huge user behaviors — like swiping, or pinching and zooming — that seem odd or minor at first, but which Apple historically is able to make deeply important and useful. And it’s not just a software tweak. It involved serious re-engineering of the display. It’s the kind of thing that’s Apple’s specialty: the company manages to do new things better, apply them broadly, and make them seem natural, because it has control over both the software and hardware platforms on which its products rest. No other big player does. The iPhone 6S is the best smartphone out there, period.”

Mashable: “Is it a must-have upgrade? No, unless you must have gorgeous 4K video and can’t live without the innovative 3D Touch. By sheer volume, iOS 9 probably adds more feature enhancements than the iPhone 6S Plus, and you can get it for free.” But like almost every other new Apple upgrade, the addition comes when you touch it…”Take me, for instance: Now that I’ve had a taste of 4K and Peek and Pop, I don’t know if I can go back.”

Reviews for the iphone-6s Tech Break Blog
Enjoying  the iPhone 6s  Tech Break Blog

Yes the ‘+’ versions are really the “in between” installments between the major iPhone releases, but there is enough power advancement and great new features to make the typical Apple user seriously consider the move – and for the true ‘fan-boys’ like me, its not even a question.

See you Friday iPhone 6+ 🙂

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