What is it like to own a Tesla Model S

I just bought something from this guy,.. Elon Musk,.. Ever heard of him?

Mr. Elon Musk – Inventor

Oh, he is nothing special,… just the guy who has already disrupted:

  • Global payment systems with PayPal,
  • Modern space travel with Space X,
  • Modern power generation with Solar City,

Oh yeah, and one more little thing…
He is completely disrupting the auto industry with a little company called Tesla.
All this, and he is a couple years younger than me at 44…. <not too shabby eh?>

He has quickly unseated my “wanna be them when I grow up” previous long standing idol “Mr. Jobs” from Apple – Not that they both don’t make elegant things, with great design that people strongly desire, its just that Elon is consistently doing it to make the world a better place,  or in the case of Space X, to give us an long term alternative to the earth lest we continue to muck this one up.

OK – Back to the car —

My lovely wife and I on the day we got our first Tesla.

This car is one of the most amazing purchases I’ve ever made in my entire life. It is as exquisite as my Mercedes S550, and as fast as most 150K++ sports cars,..
Oh and did  I mention that this can drive itself with no hands on the wheel and no foot on the petals – and cars like it (the Model S) are already logging over a million miles a day autonomously driving.

All of this, and your commitment to the car is charge it and add windshield wiper fluid every now and again (and tires and breaks too).. but no oil, no transmission fluid, no.. on and on.

And also – did I mention it can sit 7*  (at least for now) we can bring the entire family and a friend to dinner in one car (which is a big plus for us).

With the option rear facing collapsable jump seats two junior members of the family can safely and comfortably ride in the ‘way back’ – in 5 point harness seats that collapse down to give you a trunk bigger than my Mercedes.

And over the next couple of months I will be posting some of the most interesting aspects of this car, its amazing technology and how ‘adoptable’ the “going electric” lifestyle either is, or isn’t  – it should be a hell of a ride 🙂

Who loves his Tesla? ‘This Guy’;)

Stay Tuned! !

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