Loving the Inst360 One Camera

It took me a while to join the ‘360’ party, but now that I am here, I love it.

Recently I broke down and bought the Insta360 One camera off Amazon. Before you say it, I know there are several newer versions, that do more and look better, but $200 was a safer bet for me to try out 360 – and I am very satisfied with where I landed (for now:).


First up a quick video shot with it (shown in regular format) of me and my daughter goofing around in a hotel near a local lake —


Next up a great little video of Amy and I enjoying a great sunset while driving around in our little Vanderhall Venice (More on that fun little thing soon)!

Both of these videos were shot in 360, and then using the authoring tool, set to look in the  direction that made the video the most interesting – its a fairly easy process, and the videos come out looking pretty good.

As soon as I can figure out how to get a 360 viewer I will put some of the videos that allow anyone watch to spin the video anywhere they want while viewing.

So far I give the a 8 out of 10 – I know there were better resolution 360 cameras out there, but for less than 200 (199) it hits the mark.


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