Glide Effortlessly* With the Hovertrax by Inventist

At TBB We love Kickstarter – and many of us have dropped coin to check out some of the latest fun gadgets.
It was Kickstarter that lead me to the Hovertrax by Inventist.

The Hovertrax is Auto-balancing, electric transporter with gyro technology. Shift body weight to control speed and direction for seamless gliding! And it is a heck of a lot of fun, albeit you need to be just a little bit careful.

hovertrax by inventist - Tech Break Blog review
Hovertrax by Inventist – Tech Break Blog review

It is pretty simple,
1. Charge it (doesn’t take long and you can ride for 5 miles or 30 minutes on a charge)
2. Turn it on while it is on the ground (single button in middle of unit)
3. Let it auto-stabilize (if you lift it at this point it will go nuts)
4. Get On!!
5. Lean forward to go forward, back to go back…and pivot in the direction you want to go…

It’s like a Segway without the handles…

I added the second video to give you a feel for the actual speed (although likely not the fastest it can go as I was still learning)

Now one (fairly large) word of caution, this thing does NOT like bumps. Once while crossing between carpet to tile the Hovertrax stopped on the ridge, I leaned forward and then it geared up and shot out from underneath my feet, causing me to fall flat on my back…
After 5 minutes of waiting for my body to be able to move I slowly got up, nothing broken, but I am sure that I shook the place with my fall… so please be careful.

That all being said, Hovertrax is a fun personal transportation toy for getting around the office or flat surfaces…

Thanks for reading… and as always, comment, like and share.

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